Anthony Tusler

Anthony Tusler is a writer, photographer, consultant, trainer, and advocate on disability issues. Claiming Pasadena as his home town, Tusler attended Hamilton Elementary, Polytechnic, McKinley Jr. High, PHS, and PCC. Founding Director of the Disability Resource Center at Sonoma State University, Tusler co-curated the first fine art show—D&A2—that had disability as its explicit subject matter. Anthony’s photographs are currently featured at the Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, and numerous independent living centers across the United States. His photos have been shown at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta, SomArts, and the de Young Museum, San Francisco.

Depicted is an older railroad car with two accessibility symbols. A man with his head strongly tilted to the side is standing on a lift to go from the train to the ground. A uniformed person is assisting.
Three dancers form the Axis Dance Company pause mid performance. The bald headed guy is using a wheelchair and another dancer is missing her left arm. There are two audience members in the foreground framing the shot.
Smiling wheelchair user Lake Kowell in midground. Behind her are 7 people-mixed wheelchair users and not. Bowling balls and shoes can be seen.
Mekdes, an Ethiopian wheelchair user, with a power wheelchair user in the background, looks at cell phone demo.
A portrait of an African American women wearing a tiara, Ms. Wheelchiar sash, and a t-shirt showing American Disabilites lettering. Next to her is a standing woman in an Angel t-shirt and another wheelchair user.

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