dculture is all about difference. Not what makes us the same but rather a recognition of what makes us different—voices seldom heard, images cast in shadows, and stories waiting to be told. dculture is about identity and the disability space.

Identify lies at the core of who we are and mirrors the patterns, forces and opportunities that shapes our lives.  Gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and ability are all part of what makes us who we are—personally as an individuals and culturally as a community.

Our differences notwithstanding, dculture is also what we share in common. We are a complex, diverse and resourceful community with much to share and much to learn from one another.  If we ask society to be inclusive then must we also hold ourselves to that same standard. What do we know about one another? Blind? Deaf? Physical? Mental? Developmental? Intellectual? dculture is a vision to find common ground and celebrate all that we have to offer. We appreciate your interest, encourage your submissions and welcome your support.